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Witham Valley Country Park

Connecting and promoting a variety of distinct and individual public green spaces in the heart of Lincolnshire.

The Witham Valley Country Park (WVCP) partnership aims to improve and increase the connections between our green spaces from the centre of Lincoln into the surrounding countryside. By encouraging people to value their green spaces, it is hoped nature will be protected for generations to come.


North Kesteven District Council is working in partnership with City of Lincoln Council, West Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Natural England, the Environment Agency and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust on the development of a sub-regional country park, in and to the south west of Lincoln.

The WVCP is not one big area but a connected network of managed outdoor space spanning 10,500ha with cycling and walking links to other recreational areas to promote improved accessibility to green space, nature and health and wellbeing. Development of the area has also contributed to re-establishment of effective green infrastructure and flood risk management.

The park areas and woodland that make up the park include Skellingthorpe Old Wood, Hartsholme Country Park, the West and South Commons, Tunman Wood and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves: Whisby Nature Park and Boultham Mere.


The WVCP project will improve and increase the connections between green spaces to give more opportunities to enjoy walking, cycling, horse riding and just being out there in the relaxing and inspirational parks and open public spaces in the WVCP area. The park area hosts a wide range of sporting and leisure activities that include fishing, camping, dedicated cycle routes and much more, with formal tennis courts and football pitches situated amongst the open green spaces. There is also an 18-hole golf course on the West Common just a short distance from Lincoln city centre.
The area is rich in biodiversity and provides habitats that support a diverse plant, bird and insect population, perfect for bird watching activities. The park contains Sites of Special Scientific Interest, as well as Local Wildlife Sites , which contain species of flora and fauna that are rare in Greater Lincolnshire. Towards the end of 2012 consultants were invited to tender for a Biodiversity Opportunity Mapping study in Central Lincolnshire with a detailed exercise in the WVCP and Lincoln.  It will be funded by the Environment Agency, Lincolnshire County Council and City of Lincoln Council.  Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust will be administering the project which will be used to influence strategies and proposed developments.

The WVCP action plan details current developments that include the implementation of a marketing plan and signage strategy with the aim of promoting the sites to a wider range of users. The plan also describes works carried out by the rights of way team to further improve public access within the park area.