Achieving more for nature

Getting involved

Everyone can do their bit for nature - find out how to do yours! Whether it is spotting your garden wildlife, or changing the management of your company’s landholding

Getting involved

Partnership working is about everyone working together and doing their bit. There are many ways to get involved with achieving more for nature in Greater Lincolnshire – from sending in sightings of the birds you see in your garden to managing habitats for the benefit of wildlife.

If you like to watch the wildlife in your garden or whilst out walking the dog, why not take a notebook with you and note down what you see. Send these sightings to the Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre and the data can be used to monitor the distribution of wildlife or could even be used in a national research project.

You can also take part in local or national surveys which provide a valuable evidence base that can be used to monitor changes over time. Or if you need help with funding for survey equipment or identification guides, try the Local Recording Fund.

There are also many events and training courses taking place in and around Greater Lincolnshire – from guided walks of Lincolnshire's best sites for nature, to identification courses on bats. Whatever your level of expertise, group events can be the best way to improve skills and knowledge.

Maybe you own or manage some land in Greater Lincolnshire and would like some help on making it better for wildlife? Whether you already have something in mind or would like some inspiration, have a look at the your land and habitat management sections. Even if you do not have your own green space there are other ways to get involved through a campaign group, a community garden or maybe you could get your local school doing more. The wildlife at home section brings together information on these areas.

The Nature Partnership has also gathered together a number of potential research projects using data collated by us and our Partners that are ideal for university students or school projects to take forward.

Whatever you choose to do for nature in Greater Lincolnshire, any action you take will help to achieve the main aims of the Nature Strategy – and remember you don't have to be a Partner to contribute!

Alternatively, you can join or support one of our many Partner organisations.