Achieving more for nature

Getting involved

Everyone can do their bit for nature - find out how to do yours! Whether it is spotting your garden wildlife, or changing the management of your company’s landholding

What can you apply for?

The aim of the fund is to promote and encourage environmental recording. This can mean actually getting out and about recording a scarce species, or it can be about encouraging other people to record what they’ve seen by organising a training course or scheme.

Examples of things that the we could fund include:

  • Holding identification courses
  • Organising field meetings
  • Coordinating public events whose main aim is to promote recording
  • Coordinating public participation surveys
  • Buying recording equipment

Some recent successful applications have included:

  • Surveying for Grizzled Skipper butterflies in south Lincolnshire
  • Extracting historic insect records from a prominent naturalist’s notebooks
  • Funding for equipment to preserve and collate spider specimens