Achieving more for nature

Getting involved

Everyone can do their bit for nature - find out how to do yours! Whether it is spotting your garden wildlife, or changing the management of your company’s landholding

National surveys

There are a number of national surveys taking place that are relevant to Greater Lincolnshire, that you can take part in. Most require no previous experience and are a perfect way to develop your skills.

These surveys tend to rely on sightings from members of the public across the country on the same day, or sightings of a specific feature or occurrence during the year. They allow the organisers to monitor change over the whole country and, if they are run on a single day of the year, can be repeated to help monitor change year-on-year. The surveys often have a specific 'goal' or aim in mind.

Here are some examples of national surveys, but please let us know if there are any that we have missed: