Central Lincolnshire Green Infrastructure Study

This study identifies a strategic network of Green Infrastructure across Central Lincolnshire (City of Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey) in order to meet environmental, social and economic needs.

It was completed in 2011 by CBA consultants and forms part of the evidence base for the combined Local Plan. In 2013 a Biodiversity Opportunity Mapping study was completed in order to take the work of the Green Infrastructure work further.

The final network identified relies upon the pattern of existing Green Infrastructure to identify priorities for new Green Infrastructure creation. The network has three main components:

  • Strategic Green Corridors: the priority areas for Green Infrastructure enhancement, linkage and creation. They are intended to become multi-functional zones but also include core-areas of natural habitat with areas for expansion and restoration.
  • Strategic Green Access Links: the key points to access the Strategic Green Corridors. These are mainly off-road and should be designed for a mix of uses, e.g. pedestrian and cyclists.
  • Urban Green Grids: Areas where there are good opportunities for green the urban environment. This includes the development of new Sustainable Urban Extensions.

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