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Lincolnshire landscapes

Take a virtual tour of Greater Lincolnshire and discover the natural and geological features of your area, as well as local conservation projects taking place near you.

Lincolnshire landscapes

Greater Lincolnshire has a huge diversity of wildlife and landscapes: from the saltmarsh and sand dunes of the coast to the calcareous grassland in the south of the county, and from the rolling hills of the Wolds to the open expanse of fens.

Out to sea, the underwater landscape is also varied, with undulating hills, channels and reefs. It is this diversity that makes Greater Lincolnshire a special place for nature.

All of the habitats in the county have been shaped by humans in some way. These habitats are spread across a landscape in which arable farmland is the dominant land use. Whilst farmed land can be a haven for wildlife, only a limited number of species thrive in areas of intensive agriculture. In addition, only a very small proportion of the county is dedicated to conserving nature.

Greater Lincolnshire can be divided in several different ways: administratively into districts and unitary authorities, geologically into different strata, naturally into areas of similar landscape character, or strategically into conservation project areas.