Achieving more for nature

Lincolnshire landscapes

Take a virtual tour of Greater Lincolnshire and discover the natural and geological features of your area, as well as local conservation projects taking place near you.

Project areas

The Nature Partnership and its partner organisations are involved in many initiatives within Greater Lincolnshire. Many of these are landscape scale projects which look to conserve and enhance places for nature within larger areas of the same landscape character. These are often associated with the National Character Areas as defined by Natural England.

One of the main aims of the Nature Strategy for Greater Lincolnshire is to:

Conserve and enhance Lincolnshire's biodiversity; recreating habitats on a landscape scale and developing networks of interlinked natural areas – a 'living landscape' of which wildlife is an integral part, not confined to specially protected sites.

Conserving nature in relatively small, protected areas is not sustainable, particularly in the face of climate change. Wildlife needs room to move, but in many areas intensive farmland, towns and cities, busy roads and railways all make this difficult. Within Greater Lincolnshire many organisations are already working in partnership at the landscape scale to address this.

This approach will continue with and could be strengthened by the new Nature Improvement Areas outlined in The Natural Choice Environment White Paper. This should ensure that the largest benefits for nature, the community and the economy are achieved with the resources available.