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Data search

The Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre (LERC) can provide data on statutory and non-statutory designated sites, habitats and species within Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

LERC currently has access to information on 4 million species records, 2000 non-statutory sites, over 300 statutory sites and 10,000 ha of habitat information relating to Greater Lincolnshire.

Data searches include information provided by (but not limited to):

  • Lincolnshire Bat Group
  • Lincolnshire Bird Club
  • Lincolnshire Naturalists' Union
  • Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

For further information on the data we can provide, get in touch.

Commercial data searches are charged at £80 for the first hour and £35 for each subsequent half hour (+ VAT). The majority of data searches take less than one hour to complete. This charge is waived for searches from members of the public, for research purposes and other non-commercial uses.

The Nature Partnership has been working with its Partners to improve its service and has produced an online form designed to meet the needs of 90% of data search requests. This form can be used to request a standard data search around a 6-figure or 100m grid reference with either a 2km or 5km buffer. Results include information on:

  • Non-statutory sites
  • Statutory sites
  • Priority habitats
  • Protected, priority species and invasive species

Data searches requested using this form are charged at £80 + VAT and are usually provided with same day dispatch. If you require a more complex search - for instance a buffer around a site or a different selection of species - fill out a custom data search request form to receive a quote.