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Standard data search

Standard data searches are currently charged at £80 + VAT and are usually provided with same day dispatch. A standard data search can be requested centered on a 6-figure or 100m grid reference with either a 2km or 5km buffer. Results include information on:

  • Non-statutory sites
  • Statutory sites
  • Priority habitats
  • Protected, priority and invasive species

If you require a more complex search - for instance a buffer around a site or a different selection of species - fill out a custom data search request form to receive a quote. If you have any questions regarding standard data searches, check out the FAQ or get in touch.

Please note that in October 2018 we will be launching our innovative new LERC Search website, this will replace the current online and Word form for standard data requests.

Customers with credit accounts will receive an invoice following provision of data. Those without credit accounts will receive a proforma invoice with results provided on confirmation of payment. Data searches requested by customers with Service Level Agreements will be allocated according to the terms of the agreement.

LERC is hosted by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust; all payments and purchase orders must be made out to the 'Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust' in order to be processed. Payment is due 30 days from invoice date or ASAP if paying by proforma. Please ensure correct purchase order details are entered as incorrect or missing information can delay receipt of reports.

Request a standard data search