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The Partnership

Find out more here on how we are set up, funded and function as well as the workstreams we cover.

Species Action Plans

Unlike other sections of the Lincolnshire BAP the there is no specific group set up to deliver the Species Action Plans (SAPs). Instead each plan is covered by the relevant Habitat Group(s) for example, natterjack toad is covered by the Coastal and Marine  and the Heathland and Peatland  groups.

For a full list of species covered by the Lincolnshire BAP please download the SAPs from the resources list on the right of this page.

Species recording

A key component of species conservation is knowing the distribution and size of populations. Many of the actions specified within the Lincolnshire BAP aim to gather data and monitor the spread of species across Greater Lincolnshire. You can help by reporting your sighting to the Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre (LERC).

Non-native invasive species

One area where we struggle to collect sufficient data is on the distribution and occurrences of non-native invasive species. These are species that are seen as having detrimental impacts on native habitats or species and which are not native to the area in which they are causing a problem. In Greater Lincolnshire several species have been identified as having the greatest impact, for details of just some of those species please download the identification guide from the resources list on the right of this page.

This summer we are focusing on collecting records of Himalayan balsam, this is part of a joint project with the Environment Agency. If you have seen this pink flowered plant, please let us know by filling in a form here.