Achieving more for nature

The Partnership

Find out more here on how we are set up, funded and function as well as the workstreams we cover.

Strategy workstreams

Working strategically can mean different things to different people and at different times. In essence the Nature Partnership uses this term to describe working in a way that means that outputs can be applied to achieve more for nature across a broad range of situations.

For example working with Partners to achieve strong policies in Local Plans for the protection of biodiversity is one way of working strategically. The benefits can be felt across all planning applications and the biodiversity of Greater Lincolnshire as a whole.

During the development of the Nature Partnership the following sectors quickly emerged as priorities for strategic working:

We work with our Partners and other interested individuals on these priority areas in order to achieve more for nature.

Parallel with the strategy workstreams are the delivery workstreams. The delivery workstreams serve to develop, coordinate and manage much of the information base needed to inform the work of strategy workstreams. The delivery workstreams are the Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre, the Local Sites system, the Nature Strategy, and the Geodiversity Group.