Achieving more for nature

Your land

Whether you have a small garden, 10,000 hectares of farmland or you are interested in making the development in your town better for nature there is something in this section for you.

Habitat management

Management and creation of habitats is a huge topic, but we have tried to distil the vast amount of information available into manageable chunks. The information provided is tailored to the Greater Lincolnshire area and should be used as a springboard for ideas and making contact with the right people.

A­lmost every lowland British habitat type occurs in Greater Lincolnshire, from the heathland and peatlands of the north, to the shifting coastal systems in the east. It is this varied landscape that gives Greater Lincolnshire its unique character and appeal. For more information on where the specific habitats and wildlife are found, read more on Lincolnshire landscapes.

Before you start any new management it is worth checking what is on your land and the status of your land. There may already be interesting species or habitats that should be kept and any habitat in Greater Lincolnshire could be covered by a designation so it is worth a quick check.

These pages compile information and best practice on habitats that we think landowners will be managing or creating the most in Greater Lincolnshire. There is more information than this available but we have tried to collate it and provide it in a useful way. If there is something that you think should be added to these pages please let us know. The habitats are:

Once you know what habitats you want to manage a plan of some sort is the next step if you do not already have one.

The GLNP Team may be able to direct you towards individuals or organisations that can help locally but if you need help with a specific issue a professional ecologist may be the best answer.