Achieving more for nature

Your land

Whether you have a small garden, 10,000 hectares of farmland or you are interested in making the development in your town better for nature there is something in this section for you.

Survey booklet

The Nature Partnership has put together a simple survey form to help you assess current provision for pollinators on your farm and identify opportunities to enhance what's available. The survey booklet can be downloaded here.

The survey will score your farm based on current provision of food, nesting and overwintering habitat for pollinators. Counts of key insect groups will also give an overview of the pollinators present without requiring specialist species identification skills.

Ideally, the survey should be replicated on an annual basis. While significant changes in pollinator numbers are unlikely to be seen within the first few years, the survey will still highlight habitat improvements that have been made which in turn help to support more wild pollinators in the long term.