Enjoying nature

Ensuring the value of nature is recognised and embedded within the wider tourism sector.

There is a growing awareness in Greater Lincolnshire that a large number of visitors to the area come for its natural beauty and its wildlife. Nature tourism therefore makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

In 2016 research by Leeds Beckett University, commissioned by the GLNP, estimated that nature tourism contributed as much as £325 million to the economy of Greater Lincolnshire, of which £51 million was associated with holidays and day trips where engaging with wildlife is the primary purpose.

The GLNP's Enjoying nature workstreams seeks to achieve a balance between maximising the contribution of nature to the tourism economy and ensuring investment in the natural environment to maintain the quality and quantity of the resource into the future.

The offer

The GLNP seeks to foster effective joint working to enable better understanding of what Greater Lincolnshire can offer visitors beyond current honeypot sites such as Donna Nook or Whisby Nature Park, diversifying the destination offer, reducing the impact on the natural environment and improving the visitor experience.

This approach has the potential to embed the need to enhance the natural environment and engender an appreciation of nature within the strategy for growing the visitor economy.

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