Geodiversity Strategy

Promoting action to ensure Greater Lincolnshire's geodiversity assets are conserved, recorded, promoted, understood and enjoyed by all.

Geodiversity is the variety of rocks, minerals, fossils, soils and landscapes, together with the natural processes which form them. It is the link between geology, landscape, nature and people - from where our ancestors first settled to where industry has developed.

The Geodiversity Group is an independent group of amateur and professional geologists dedicated to the conservation of the geodiversity in Greater Lincolnshire. The Nature Partnership coordinates the activities of this Group.

The role of the Geodiversity Group is to deliver the Geodiversity Strategy. The Geodiversity Strategy for Greater Lincolnshire was published in 2017 and replaces the previous Local Geodiversity Action Plan published in 2010.

The Strategy's main purpose is to promote action to conserve and enhance the diverse geological heritage of Greater Lincolnshire whilst promoting and managing the sustainable use of its geodiversity resources. A key part of the Strategy is the survey and designation of Local Geological Sites.

Promoting geodiversity in Greater Lincolnshire

The Geodiversity Group have produced leaflets on the geology of Greater Lincolnshire and the Building Stones of Lincolnshire. These are available as printed leaflets or can be downloaded below:

Other websites of interest

  • GeoconservationUK is the membership association for geological group across the British Isles and works to encourage the appreciation, conservation and promotion of sites for education and public benefit.
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