Farming with nature

Supporting thriving nature in a productive farmed landscape.

Greater Lincolnshire's farmed landscape is responsible for growing around 12% of England's food. The agricultural sector therefore has an important role to play as custodians of the natural environment.

The Nature Partnership recognises that nature is more likely to thrive as part of productive and profitable farm businesses. It is therefore important that nature conservation appreciates the economics of farming in the same way that farming techniques need to ensure environmental outcomes.

Agricultural policy is central to ensuring a positive approach to environmental management but there are also a number of voluntary approaches that can be undertaken and the GLNP works both locally and nationally to influence and encourage positive outcomes.

Looking for opportunities

As well as working closely with key groups such as Championing the Farmed Environment, the Nature Partnership has also undertaken its own innovative projects.

These have focused predominantly around identfiying opportunites to better support wild pollinators in the farmed landscape and has included two Defra-funded projects through the National Pollinator Strategy.

Increasing wild pollinators on your farm: a low cost approach saw the Nature Partnership working closely with farmers to identify existing valuable habitats on farms and look at how small changes could be made to improve nesting, overwintering and food resources further. More information on both of these can be found on the Projects pages.

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