Opportunity Mapping

Biodiversity opportunity mapping tries to create a map for a given area, which shows where the greatest opportunities are for nature. Given that time and money are always limited it is useful to identify where both can be spent to achieve the most, for the economy and society, not just for nature. The methods of producing these opportunity maps are as varied as their presentation and the rationale for producing them.

In Greater Lincolnshire a number of projects have been complected, from the large scale Central Lincolnshire projects that incorporate City of Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey, to the much more contained Limewoods area.

More recently, the GLNP undertook a short piece of work for North Lincolnshire Council (NLC) in 2019 to create a Biodiversity Opportunity Map (BOM) for the Council area as part of their requirements in producing a new Local Plan. Since then, the methodology has been adopted by other local authorities in Greater Lincolnshire

The Biodiversity Opportunity Mapping for Central Lincolnshire can be viewed on the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Interactive Map

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