Achieving more for nature by working together as the best information and support network, so that Greater Lincolnshire is a place where local wildlife and the natural environment are valued by all.

The Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership achieves more for nature by working closely with its 49 Partners to identify opportunities, add value to existing initiatives and avoid duplication of effort.

Building on the success of our predecessor organisation the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership, we were Government accredited in 2012 and are one of 48 Local Nature Partnerships in England.

The Nature Partnership is primarily funded through a combination of Service Level Agreements, data searches and project funding. As an unincorporated Partnership with no legal status one of the Partners, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, provides the hosting body for the Team.

A green field

What do we do?

The work of the Nature Partnership is divided between the provision of services through our delivery workstreams and achieving more for nature through our policy workstreams.

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