Planning with nature

Helping planning processes across Greater Lincolnshire make the most of opportunities for nature.

Spatial planning by local authorities is at the heart of landscape and settlement change.

The Nature Partnership's Planning with nature workstream seeks to develop relationships with planning teams to ensure local planning policy fully considers the natural environment in its decision-making.

In additional to responding to consultations on Local Plans and national policy, we try and engage at an early stage, working with local authorities throughout.

Whilst the Nature Partnership does not respond to individual planning applications it aims to promote strategic policies that help ensure the natural environment is considered fully in the development process.

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Recently, the Nature Partnership has been focussing on understanding both the implications and opportunities presented by biodiversity net gain.

The Environment Bill sets out the Government's intention to introduce mandatory net gain requirements and we are currently looking at how local policies could help to deliver this.

The agreement of a planning position statement has been a vital step in the GLNP’s ability to respond to consultation and influence others.

Since its publication in 2014, the GLNP has responded to in excess of 40 consultations from local plans to national policy and there has been evidence that those responses have had an impact.

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