Sincil Bank rejuvenation project

Working with various stakeholders, the project sought to ensure that the value of nature to public health and wellbeing is recognised as part of the rejuvenation of Lincoln's Sincil Bank.

As part of its work to ensure that the value of nature to public health and wellbeing is recognised, the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership (GLNP) has been contributing to the planned rejuvenation of Lincoln's Sincil Bank. This was undertaken alongside stakeholders including Lincolnshire County Council, City of Lincoln Council and the Sincil Bank Community Partnership.

An important aspect of this project involved supporting Sustrans in the creation of a masterplan for Sincil Drain which runs through the area. Sustrans Senior Urban Designer, Mark Jenks, said: "Having the GLNP's support has been a great benefit to the community-led Sincil Drain master planning project. They have supported events and been able to combine their knowledge of local ecology with the expertise of the Sustrans Ecologist."

Throughout the process community input has been key and the GLNP was really pleased to notice how much residents and others appreciated their natural environment. This helped the GLNP to ensure that the importance of nature was formalised within the plans – plans which will help improve this area further in the future.

The Sincil Bank project was one of the first projects the GLNP has been involved with as part of its 'Being well with nature' workstream. With the Sincil Drain masterplan approved by Investors in Lincoln, the GLNP will continue to emphasise the importance of the environmental elements as it is put into practice over the next year.

The GLNP will also continue to work with stakeholders including the University of Lincoln to ensure that nature is an integral part of Sincil Banks's wider rejuvenation.

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