Achieving more for nature

Getting involved

Everyone can do their bit for nature - find out how to do yours! Whether it is spotting your garden wildlife, or changing the management of your company’s landholding

Wildlife at home

Urban areas can be havens for wildlife. Our hedgerows, flower beds, trees and even houses all provide food and shelter for nature to thrive.

Gardens are home to hedgehogs, blackbirds and butterflies - learn how you can encourage these visitors and more into your garden by growing the plants they like. Or why not do something crafty and build a home for visiting wildlife to spend the night - or for those that stay a little longer, raise a family!

Find out how your allotment can be both productive and wildlife friendly by providing a variety of habitats and encouraging natural pest controllers or how habitat areas in schools can provide homes for wildlife – as well as an educational resource.

Our churches and churchyards have been around for hundreds of years and provide shelter for many animals, especially bats and birds. Many rare plants, mosses and lichens thrive in these artificial, but undisturbed havens provided by careful maintenance. Find out how to encourage nature whilst preserving the tranquillity of the churchyard.

If you don’t have your own garden or green space why not help out with local groups in your area – for instance managing the local village green to benefit nature - or get involved in spatial planning and green infrastructure issues that affect you.