Calcareous grassland

As the name suggests this type of grassland is particular because of its soil. Both chalk and limestone can form this type of grassland. Roughly these soil types are found in a narrow vertical band north to south through the centre of Greater Lincolnshire and in another north-west to south-east band through North East Lincolnshire.

Calcareous grasslands are important for wildlife as they have a very particular mix of lime loving plants. These plants in turn provide habitat for a wide range of invertebrates, birds, small mammals and reptiles. This habitat is even more important as the amount of calcareous grassland has reduced hugely since the end of the Second World War, with many of the species reliant upon it becoming threatened.

In Greater Lincolnshire many of the calcareous grasslands are road verges and these will look very different to quarry sites or whole fields. However there are a number of characteristic plants that can be readily identified after a number of visits and these can be used to determine an area worthy of extra care and attention. For more on this approach try Life on the Verge.

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