Biodiversity Opportunity Mapping Study for Central Lincolnshire

This study identifies a series of strategic spatial areas across Central Lincolnshire (City of Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey) in order to meet primarily environmental but also social and economic needs.

It was completed in 2013 by CBA consultants and forms part of the evidence base for the combined Local Plan. The Biodiversity Opportunity Mapping was a follow on study from the Green Infrastructure study  of 2011.

The final spatial areas identified rely upon the existing network of habitat and a number of other considerations, such a soil type. A key aspect of this study is scale, the results are presented at two different spatial scales:

  • Central Lincolnshire: broad priority areas for each habitat type are identified along with strategic project areas;
  • City of Lincoln/Sustainable Urban Extensions/Witham Valley Country Park: priority areas for each habitat type are identified along with specific projects.

Also available in the main document are: summary documents for each broad priority area, project summaries and maps for each habitat type individually.

The maps, project summaries and supporting evidence will be used in a variety of ways and are key to planning policy in Central Lincolnshire, the following are examples:

  • Planners: to inform growth plans, identify strategic linkages, inform planning decisions and direct Community Infrastructure Levy funding to best effect;
  • Developers: to identify opportunities for enhancing place and quality in and around new developments and as such maintain market value and viability;
  • Landowners/farmers: demonstrates where activities under agri-environment schemes or the Water Framework Directive can be target to best effect in the landscape;
  • Environment/conservation organisations: to identify where maximum benefit can be gained from investment in conservation action and by working with others.

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