England's first Red List for vascular plants available

For the first time a comprehensive and objective analysis of changes in the distribution of our native flora is available.

The report highlights that one fifth of England's wildflower species are under threat, with the majority of these threatened species suffering a decline of 30% or more. Wildflowers associated with either highly acid or basic open habitats on infertile soils fare particularly badly.

Also highlighted is that a suite of wildflowers, which many of us still think of as common and widespread across England, are now close to being listed as threatened.

The Red List uses a globally recognised and scientifically rigorous approach designed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature to assess and determine risks of extinction. The method is applicable to all species and provides information on status, trends and threats. The production of a first vascular plant Red List for England follows similar Lists for Great Britain and Wales that have examined changes to our flora since 1930 and identified those species most at risk.