GLNP improves data request system

A core area of the GLNP's work is providing species and habitat information to ecologists, conservation organisations, local authorities, researchers and others. This information is provided by the Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre (LERC) through a data request system and through consultation with many of the users of the system it has been improved.

The new system is an online form, with a fixed cost, that will return a standard set of species and habitat data in just an hour!

While LERC always had a fast turnaround of just a few days this timing will mean a same day service during work hours. The online form is also easier to fill in as the type of data returned does not have to be specified – this is already fixed. All LERC needs to know is:

  • The grid reference of your site;
  • The size of the buffer around your site – 2 or 5km;
  • And your contact and payment details of course.

For those with more complex requests, such as a very large or oddly shaped site that cannot be encompassed with a simple buffer just use our custom data request form and email it into us for a quote. Around half of these requests are charged at the one hour rate and should take a couple of days to come back to you.