GLNP produces natural capital assessment for Sleaford sites

A natural capital assessment of four sites in Sleaford has been provided to North Kesteven District Council (NKDC).

Sleaford Nature Improvement Projects: Broad scope natural capital assessment has been undertaken by the GLNP and comprises a desk study to consider how intended project work at Cogglesford Mill, Lollycocks Field, Castle Causeway and foothpath improvements on the River Slea could result in potential changes to the ecosystem services they provide.

The assessment takes into account future population growth in the area through the development of sustainable urban extensions (SUEs). The resulting report has added to NKDC's evidence base and will prove valuable when assessing the potential increase and degradation of the area's natural capital which could result from future development. It should also help to support nature improvement projects through the local authority's procurement process.

The method used to undertake the assessment is based on Natural England's (NE) Natural Capital Indicators: Method and identifies potential existing ecosytem services by cross referencing habitats and features at each project site with indicators of natural capital as described by NE in the Natural Capital Indicators Evidence Notes.

The assessment does not aim to quantify the natural capital or ecosystem service identified and has been undertaken as a pilot exercise with its findings designed to be used as part of a wider evidence base.

The method has been designed to be replicable, allowing assessments of natural capital present on other sites to feed into a baseline understanding of assets across Greater Lincolnshire.

Natural capital is becoming an increasingly important concept and the GLNP is working hard to develop the expertise required to help its Partners understand how it works in practice. If you would like further information, contact

Natural capital will also be a key theme of this year's GLNP conference taking place on Wednesday 6 November. To book your place email