Government plans to remove protection for 2008 sites in Greater Lincolnshire

From the commons in the centre of Lincoln to Alkborough Flats in North Lincolnshire and Hubbard's Hills near Louth, sites of wildlife and geological value are scattered all across Greater Lincolnshire.

These sites are protected through Local Plans and are known as Local Wildlife Sites and Local Geological Sites. However a government consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework will remove all reference to these sites in the future, effectively removing protection for them. The 2008 sites in Greater Lincolnshire host a huge diversity of wildlife and geological features and make up part of the national network of sites numbering over 42,000.

If all of these sites were lost the impact on wildlife would be immeasurable.

The Wildlife Trusts is leading a campaign to make sure these sites continue to have protection and everyone can help. By submitting a response to the consultation you can have your say.

Just click to go to the Wildlife Trusts page and submit a response: