Policy and Legislation: The journey to nature recovery

The Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership (GLNP) consists of more than 45 Partners who work together and with other stakeholders to achieve more for nature. With the publication of A Green Future: Our 25 Plan to Improve the Environment (2018) and the introduction of the Environment Act (2021) the emphasis on the nature recovery has increased massively across sectors, however it has also introduced a challenge in regards to the complexity of conservation’s legislative and policy landscape.

The GLNP has produced the journey to nature recovery flow diagram as a simple visual aid to understanding how introduced and existing environmental policy, legislation, strategies and mechanisms currently interlink in a nature recovery context.

The environmental sector is undergoing a lot of change and as such it is a snapshot in time and may need to be updated periodically or as policy and legislation change. The diagram should also be recognised as an overview and further detail may be required.