Pollinator awareness week - 13 – 19 July

Pollinator Awareness Week will be taking place this year from 13 to 19 July. The aim is to raise awareness of pollinator needs and encourage everyone to take action to support pollinators by following the Bees' Needs advice, which includes information on the 5 simple actions that everyone can take to support pollinators:

  • Grow more flowers, shrubs & trees
  • Let it grow wild
  • Cut grass less often
  • Don't disturb insect nests and hibernation spots
  • Think carefully about whether to use pesticides

What is the GLNP doing for pollinators?

Raising awareness – At the 2014 GLNP annual conference local farmer Peter Lundgren spoke about his experience of bee friendly farming: Profits, Pesticides and Pollination

Conserving habitats – The farmland and grassland habitat group help to deliver actions to conserve and enhance valuable habitats needed for our pollinators to thrive across the farmed landscape.

Providing information – The Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre holds more than half a million pollinator species records which are used to monitor population trends and distribution. Send us your pollinator records today.