Test tool for calculating biodiversity net gain launched

A new tool which will provide the foundation for calculating biodiversity net gain has been launched by Natural England.

The Biodiversity Metric 2.0 builds on the original Defra biodiversity metric and has been released as a beta test version to give a wide audience the opportunity to try it out and provide feedback on how it works.

The metric takes the form of an Excel based tool. While some elements aren't quite complete, such as habitat connectivity and inter tidal habitats, it does signify a step towards a widely available method for calculating biodiversity net gain. This will be key in insuring that a standardised approach is taken across the country once net gain becomes mandatory.

A link to the beta test version can be found here. Natural England is encouraging feedback on the tool and its guidance and a user survey will remain open until December 2019.

For anyone interested in net gain and the opportunities or challenges it might present, the GLNP's conference will focus on the topic as well as exploring similar issues for natural capital. The conference is to be held on Wednesday, 6 November at The Showroom in Lincoln. For more details and to register your attendance please contact events@glnp.org.uk or call 01507 528384.