Volunteers needed for national hedgehog survey

Hedgehogs have declined markedly within Britain over the last two decades. But to date it has been difficult to quantify exactly why hedgehog populations have declined. This is because of the absence of a reliable survey technique at the appropriate spatial scale. However, a recent pilot study has demonstrated that footprint-tunnels meet this need.

So there is now the opportunity to conduct a national scale survey of hedgehogs in England and Wales. PTES, and their partners, want to survey a minimum of 400 sites across England and Wales during the summers of 2014 and 2015.

The 400 sites have already been chosen and if you volunteer you will be allocated the site nearest to you as well as being provided with all the equipment needed to undertake the survey.

For more information on the surveys visit the PTES website

To sign up email Emily Thomas at hedgehogsurvey@ptes.org