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Access data with LERC Search

The Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre (LERC) can provide data on statutory and non-statutory designated sites, habitats and species within Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

On the 31 October 2018 LERC launched an innovative new way for customers to access this ecological data. LERC Search provides access to data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This marks a huge step forward in data provision to ecological consultants and local authorities ensuring that this data can be better considered within the planning system.

This page gives you an idea of what LERC Search looks like and how it will work or you can go straight there now. The previous online and Word forms for requesting data are no longer available.

Instant data access

Once you have an account simply login to LERC Search and enter the grid reference and buffer needed. The website will confirm if this search is within the LERC area and that a correct grid reference has been entered. Moments later the data will be available for download:

  • A report summarising the sites, habitats and species. This is similar to the current summary reports and, because sensitive records are excluded, can be attached to a publically available ecological report.
  • A report containing the citations for the Local Sites.
  • A spreadsheet of species records. This is fully filterable for ease of use and has sensitive records highlighted in red.

A helpful extra feature is that downloads are accessible for up to 12 months from the data of the initial search.

To ensure data is kept secure and that only professionals have access to sensitive records, customers are asked to create an account which will be verified by the GLNP Team before access is granted.

LERC Search will be able to provide data for around 90% of the current requests. A bespoke service will still be offered for more complex searches or those for conservation or research; please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

For more detail, try the frequently asked questions document.

How much does LERC Search cost?

Each search carried out using LERC Search is charged at £100 plus VAT, regardless of buffer size. Payment can be made at point of sale with a credit or debit card using a secure Worldpay system; alternatively account terms are available – contact us for more information. The current online and word form is no longer available.

Use of LERC Search can be included under service level agreements, with the data accessed as needed.

If a bespoke search is needed which cannot be completed by LERC Search the cost will be determined according to GLNP standard charges.

How was LERC Search developed?

The concept of LERC Search was developed over three years and took just five months in the technical build.

The GLNP is always looking to improve the services it offers, be this the ease with which data can be accessed or continual work to improve the quality of data available. To help identify what would help LERC customers the most market research was undertaken in 2016. This identified key issues common to all Local Environmental Record Centres and led to an initial idea of a national data request portal for England. This idea was well received by ecological consultants but it was more difficult to engage other Local Environmental Record Centres due to the complexity of the project and the tough financial climate.

From the original concept it was still possible to develop a Greater Lincolnshire only solution that overcame most of the issues highlighted in the market research and incorporated a number of key asks from customers. There are a number of future developments planned for LERC Search and the GLNP hopes it will act as a catalyst for further development within the wider sector.