Buglife has been working with the Nature Partnership and with conservation and local authority partners to map a priority B-Lines network for Greater Lincolnshire. This mapping is part of a wider project, which is helping to roll out the UK wide B-Lines initiative across the entire East of England by early 2016.

The B-Lines initiative aims to develop a UK wide network of wildflower rich areas to help valuable insect pollinators such as bumblebees, hoverflies and butterflies. The B-Lines provide a framework for targeting work for pollinators, in particular promoting the restoration and expansion of existing wildflower rich habitats and the creation of stepping stones of habitat between them.

Buglife hopes to encourage all conservation partners, local authorities and farmers to enhance and create wildflower rich habitats along the B-Lines, helping to make the region more pollinator friendly. However everyone can play a part and Buglife would like to involve schools, villages, community groups and businesses within the B-Lines in taking positive action for insect pollinators.

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