GLNP natural capital report

The GLNP developed eight case studies, one for each workstream, to help put the work that the GLNP does in a natural capital context.

The GLNP's undertook a project to consider the contribution of each of its workstreams to natural capital.

Analysis of the Partnership's eight workstreams was undertaken to set current activities in a natural capital context. A technical report describes natural capital more widely and looks at how figures are produced and series of non-technical case studies were then developed to provide an overview of each workstream's contribution:

With the growing trend towards natural capital in the environmental sector, being able to engage with this approach is becoming more important to both conserving and enhancing the natural environment. The inclusion of natural capital in the Government's 25 year environment plan suggests the concept is here to stay.

By undertaking an initial assessment of Greater Lincolnshire's natural capital and the contributions being made by the Partnership, the GLNP now has a sound basis for further work on natural capital in the future.

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