Achieving more for nature

Your land

Whether you have a small garden, 10,000 hectares of farmland or you are interested in making the development in your town better for nature there is something in this section for you.

External links to good practice pollinator guides

The Nature Partnership has put together a low cost approach to help farmers provide support to pollinators on farmland. These have been designed to complement existing agri-environment schemes and voluntary measures by offering a series of simple measures which are easy to implement.

There is a wide selection of resources which may also be of interest to those looking to do more to support pollinator conservation. The following are a selection of external links with particular relevance to managing the farmed environment for pollinators:

Buglife - information sheet on managing farmland for pollinators together with a series of links to further information

Campaign for the Farmed Environment (farmland) - a guide to voluntary measures for pollinators on farmland

Campaign for the Farmed Environment (hedges) - a guide to voluntary measures for managing hedges for pollinators

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology - brings together practical skills on creating and managing habitats on farmland with an understanding of pollinator ecology for farmers and other land managers

Defra (farmland) - Bees' Needs advice for managing agricultural land for pollinators

Defra (woodland) - Bees' Needs advice for managing woodland for pollinators

The Voluntary Initiative - a guide to various resources and initiatives to support pollinators