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National Character Areas

National Character Areas (NCAs) are a widely recognised, national framework, used for a range of applications including the targeting of agri-environment scheme funding. Each NCA is an area of similar landscape character; England is divided into 159 areas. The NCA documents are produced by Natural England.

Greater Lincolnshire is covered by 10 NCAs. For each NCA there is a description of the area, and desirable actions have been highlighted that would help to maintain the character of the area in the future.

NCAs have built on much previous work on landscape designation – including Natural Areas and Landscape Character Assessment.

Natural Areas are similar to the NCAs but are based primarily on wildlife and natural features. Landscape Character Assessment is a tool that aims to help people understand the characteristics of landscape; basically to identify the essence of 'place'. For more information on either of these areas try the glossary.

In addition to the 10 terrestrial NCAs Greater Lincolnshire has two Marine Natural Areas on its coast. More detail on these can be found on the .GOV website.

Please come back soon; we'll be adding more information on each National Character Area shortly.