Achieving more for nature

The Partnership

Find out more here on how we are set up, funded and function as well as the workstreams we cover.

The Partnership

Working together achieves more. Partners choose to join our not-for-profit Partnership because they see benefits in doing so. We achieve more for nature because we work to high standards, look for opportunities and seek to add value to existing initiatives. Most importantly we use sound information and build on it to inform strategy; delivering for the Partners. 

This is why we are a Government accredited Local Nature Partnership, one of around 50 in England. 

Our work did not start with our accreditation however, it began with the Partners. It was their vision for something better, something that delivered more through working together, which created the predecessor organisation in 2007. The Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership was incredibly successful and a unique model that laid the foundations for the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership that followed in 2012. 

So what do we do?

Our work is split into two themes: