Achieving more for nature

The Partnership

Find out more here on how we are set up, funded and function as well as the workstreams we cover.


The Nature Partnership has a substantial history, but is new in its current form. It is easiest to think of the history and the changes in three stages: 

Achieving more 

From autumn 2012 the Partnership formally gained Local Nature Partnership status, an accreditation from Defra. Under this guise it was necessary to change the name of the Partnership and relaunch as the organisation you see now: the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership.

The Nature Partnership is building on the success of the past in order to achieve even more in the future. It is at this time that the strategy workstreams were added to the Nature Partnership.

The formative years

Between 2007 and 2012 the Partnership functioned under the name of the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership. It was at this stage that it found its feet, developed the delivery workstreams and gained the vast majority of its Partners and credibility. In this format the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership was unique in the UK, no one had brought together all the delivery functions that Lincolnshire had. The efficiencies were significant, saving time and money and enabling high standards to be achieved very quickly.

The early years

Before 2007 many of the organisations worked together, some as part of the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Action Plan partnership, and others talked about the need to do more for nature in Lincolnshire. There was also demand for a county records centre and a Local Sites partnership and system. In time these thoughts and organisations came together and found the necessary funding to develop an official Partnership.