Achieving more for nature

The Partnership

Find out more here on how we are set up, funded and function as well as the workstreams we cover.

How we work

The Nature Partnership has a very positive style of working. Partnership is the key word here, each Partner organisation has a stake in how the Nature Partnership functions and annually selects a Steering Group from the Partners to be responsible for governance. Crucially Partners choose to join our not-for-profit Partnership because they see benefits in doing so. 

To become a Partner an organisation must sign up to the terms of reference and agree to work towards the vision of the Nature Partnership which is: 

Achieving more for nature by working together as the best information and support network, so that Greater Lincolnshire is a place where local wildlife and the natural environment are valued by all.

Coordinating and managing the workstreams of the Nature Partnership are the Team. The paid employees cannot be directly employed as the Nature Partnership is an un-incorporated partnership and has no legal status. As such one of the Partners, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, hosts the Team for a reasonable fee. There are currently four full time members of the Team. 

The Nature Partnership is primarily funded by the Partners through a combination of Service Level Agreements and Memorandum of Agreements. These Agreements are for deliverables that enable the Partners to meet either policy, legislation or data requirements under the Local Environmental Records Centre, Local Sites, or Nature Strategy workstreams. More detail on funding can be found in our Annual Review.